Meet Alucard!  Yes, Alucard is Dracula spelled backward and his Dad named him that after seeing his big vampire fangs!  Alucard was having difficulty urinating and crying out and he was diagnosed with having urinary stones in his bladder and urethra (tube to the outside).  His Dad had signed up for pet insurance, but unfortunately, it would not cover this problem because it had already been diagnosed and was now a preexisting condition.  The team at VCA Winchester Animal Hospital was able to perform the needed surgery – both to remove the stones from the bladder and to enlarge the opening in his urethra, but Alucard’s Dad didn’t have all the needed funds.  SAGEC4A was able to provide a grant and surgery was performed and Alucard is now home in his bat-cave!  Check out all of his pictures as he definitely likes hanging around!

Please also see our resource page for information on pet insurance – best to get when your pet is healthy so that you never have to worry about being able to afford care!