Meet Amora! Amora is an 8 month old Pomeranian that broke her femur, which is her thigh bone. Amora’s family left their home for less than an hour. When they returned, Amora was crying and they could tell she was injured. Amora is a very energetic puppy, and her family thinks she may have tried jumping on the furniture while they were gone. Amora was taken to Adobe Animal Hospital for the fracture repair. The Mariano’s were not prepared for the cost of surgery, and were connected with SAGE Compassion for Animals. The Mariano family was very grateful for the help. This all happened on Mr. Mariano’s birthday, and “nothing could make me happier than surgery for our daughter”! The Mariano’s are originally from Brazil and Amora is their first family dog. They are now looking into pet insurance so Amora will be protected. Mr. Mariano shared that pet insurance is not very common in Brazil. The name Amora means love, and this pups favorite thing to do is to give hugs! Amora is doing very well in her recovery. The biggest challenge is she’s feeling so great, it is hard to keep this puppy rested!

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