Coco’s Story

By Vanessa Wensing

Our beautiful little girl, Coco is a SAGEC4A grant recipient. She is a cocoa brown, darling 13-year-old chihuahua and a full-time beloved companion.  Coco became gravely ill on Christmas Eve.  Usually a spunky, always hungry girl, now she wouldn’t get out of bed to walk or play.  She was refusing even her favorite foods.  Her Daddy knew something was terribly wrong and sought help.  Coco would not have survived her pyometra without the team of amazing folks that helped provide Coco with a lifesaving surgery.

As part of our mission, SAGEC4A hopes to prevent emergencies such as Coco’s by educating pet parents on how to provide effective preventative healthcare to their beloved pets.  Pyometra is one of those diseases that is absolutely preventable!

Here is the low down about pyometra:

What is Pyometra?

Pyometra is a disease where the uterus becomes infected and filled with pus.  Toxins and bacteria can then enter the bloodstream and make your dog really sick.  She may not want to eat, may start to vomit, or may drink a ton of water.  She may have pus draining from her vagina but sometimes there is not any drainage.  Pyometra is a painful and life-threatening condition.

Can Cats Get a Pyometra?

Yes.  Cats that are not spayed can also get uterine infections.  Cats are even better than dogs at hiding the signs and symptoms of pyometra.

How is Pyometra Cured?

Surgery is the only cure.  The veterinary surgeon will perform a spay surgery to remove the infected uterus.  This surgery is riskier than spaying your healthy dog or cat because she is now sick with toxins and bacteria.  The infected uterus is also much more fragile and difficult to remove than a healthy uterus. Recovery from surgery can be more complicated can require a longer hospital stay. Finally, this is a much more expensive surgery because of the difficult nature and the urgent circumstances.

How Do I Prevent Pyometra?

Easy!  Spay your healthy pet now.  You can then guarantee that your pet won’t have to endure a painful and life-threatening disease and you won’t have to endure the stress and expense of caring for an ill furry loved one.

Money Tight?

Low-cost spay services are readily available from a number of resources within the community.  Check out our resource page under Spay & Neuter Resources.

Happily, Coco is home and thriving after her surgery and an overnight stay in the veterinary hospital. She has returned to her playful self and her Daddy could not be more pleased.  Click here to read more about Coco and see all our success stories!