Coco is a beloved senior Shih Tzu and Maltese mix belonging to the Mathis family. Coco was recently diagnosed with early signs of glaucoma but was still spritely at 13 years young. While Coco was playing with her housemate, something awful happened. The Mathis family found Coco had proptosis of her eye, which is the medical term for protrusion of the eyeball. Needless to say, Coco was immediately rushed into SAGE Veterinary Centers on emergency. Surgery was performed that day to remove the eye, which was a lifesaver. SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to offer a grant in conjunction with a discount from SAGE Veterinary Centers. Gina, Coco’s dog mom, was very traumatized by the event, even though Coco is recovering quickly. Coco is already starting to navigate around the home and act like her happy self.  Gina felt extremely emotional and relieved that we were able to offer help. Coco was adopted as a puppy at 6 weeks old, and the family says Coco is truly the best dog ever.  The Mathis family has two daughters in college, along with some unexpected expenses only made harder by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gina, when able, will be donating back to our organization to help others. If not for the financial assistance they received, Gina is not sure what they would have done for Coco. For now, they are spending the next week home giving Coco extra cuddles, and are very grateful. 

Many are facing hard times this year, and the holiday season is especially difficult. If you are able, donate to SAGE Compassion for Animals to be able to help pets like Coco. We are committed to keeping families together and can use your help!