Astro, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, was only 3-months-old when his pet parents noted a swelling associated with one of his testicles.  The doctors at Quito Veterinary Hospital were quick to diagnose an inguinal hernia – so contents from Astro’s abdomen were exiting out an opening and into his scrotal sac!!  This was scary as the contents could twist and cause severe problems, so surgical correction, including neutering, was recommended.  Unfortunately, the doctors also noted a quiet murmur that Astro had during a physical.  Dogs that have a congenital problem (something that they are born with), such as a hernia, can also have other defects that involve other organs, such as the heart.  Astro had an ultrasound of his heart and thankfully, didn’t reveal any other serious issues!!  His surgery was a success and now he is back home with his family recuperating.