Baffy is a very special dog with a very important job to do.  He is a service animal for an autistic family member.  While Baffy’s family was in the process of moving, he was staying on a relative’s ranch when the family noticed he was limping.  Baffy was taken for radiographs (X-rays) where it was discovered that he had a broken leg that needed surgery.  Baffy’s family, like many, were facing challenging financial times due to COVID-19.  Thankfully the team at SAGE Veterinary Centers reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals and Baffy was able to get the surgery he needed through the combination of offering the surgery at a discounted fee and a grant from the non-profit. 

Baffy’s family was very thankful to receive this grant since Baffy is not only a companion but a service dog.  We continue to receive updates that Baffy’s recovery is going well and he is finally able to resume some puppy activities, including celebrating his 1-year birthday!