Bella certainly is beautiful, but also mischievous and got into her pet mom’s yarn!  Unfortunately, yarn and other string-like objects can cause intestinal obstruction when the intestines start to “bunch” up as they wrap around the string.  Bella started to vomit a couple of days later and stopped eating, so was taken to the SAGE Veterinary Centers Redwood City where an abdominal ultrasound confirmed the obstruction, but luckily, no leakage as the string can saw through the intestinal wall.  The veterinary team reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals because the pet parents could not afford the surgery on their own and Bella was such a sweet girl she had charmed everyone!  We were able to give a grant to allow the surgery to take place the same day and now Bella is home recuperating – you can tell though when looking into her bright blue eyes that she really cannot stand her plastic collar!