Meet Belle and her new guardian, Gary. Gary is an avid animal lover himself, already having a myriad of dogs and cats of his own. Belle belonged to Gary’s mom and stepfather. Once Gary’s mom passed in 2014, his stepfather became Belle’s everything. Recently, Gary’s stepfather had to move into an assisted living facility. This left Belle with an uncertain future. Thankfully, Gary was able to take Belle into his home. Belle’s pet parents had loved her very much, but gave her a diet of exclusively boiled chicken. Belle had not received much veterinary care in recent years, and combined with her unbalanced diet, meant she had terrible dental disease with recurring systemic infections. A balanced diet is essential for everyone, including our pets. Even though it is tasty, boiled chicken does not offer all of the nutrients our pets need. Gary knew Belle needed medical care, but he lives on a fixed income. Gary saves a specific amount each month to anticipate veterinary care needs, but Belle needed more than routine work. We were happy to help Gary and Belle, and awarded a grant through SAGE Compassion for Animals. Belle had a dental, many teeth removed, and antibiotics prescribed at Wikiup Veterinary Hospital in Santa Rosa. Gary was so thankful, and feels, “SAGE Compassion for Animals saved her life.” We are also glad Gary was able to step in and care for Belle. Sadly, it is not uncommon for pets to end up at animal shelters, or worse, be euthanized, when their caregivers pass away. Gary reports Belle is doing well in her new home, and adjusting to her new furry siblings. Belle has claimed her own bed on the couch, and will growl at the cats when they lay in her spot. 

Additionally, Belle is now receiving treatment for allergies, and one of her allergens is people! Just as people can be allergic to pet dander, pets can be allergic to human dander. We recommend following the advice of Veterinary Dermatologist, Dr. Anthea Schick with Rowan for Dogs, and bathe your dog once a week to reduce allergens for both dogs and humans.