Bentley had been straining to urinate for a couple of months intermittently.  As a 4-year-old intact male labrador, that was worrisome for his pet parents.  Unfortunately, one day they noted that he couldn’t urinate at all and brought him in on emergency to SAGE Veterinary Centers Redwood City.  There they found the culprit to be stones in his urinary system and an enlarged prostate.  The team was able to pass a catheter and stabilize Bentley, but he needed surgery to remove the stones and castration to allow the prostate to shrink and Bentley’s family didn’t have the money.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to award a grant and the clients were able to fund the rest with a plan from Care Credit.  Bentley did well with surgery and is home recovering while they wait to hear about the analysis of the stones to see if his diet needs to be modified to prevent further stone formation.

As part of the application process for a SAGEC4A grant, clients must apply to Care Credit and use any funds that they receive on credit.  We can help step in to fund the remaining if either denied credit or not awarded enough credit.