Blayze, a Chihuahua Yorkie mix, was adopted by her pet mom at only 6 weeks of age and a heart murmur was noted at her first vaccination appointment.  When it hadn’t gone away by her second appointment, she was referred to a veterinary cardiologist.  Blayze was diagnosed with a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) – which is an abnormal blood vessel that brings blood exiting the left side of the heart directly back into the right side without going throughout the body first.  This can lead to heart failure within a couple of years if not fixed!  The required surgery to tie off the abnormal blood vessel is very successful, but that cost money that Blayze’s mom did not have.  Luckily, Dr. Ree, a boarded veterinary surgeon at SAGE Veterinary Centers Dublin, reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals to help fund Blayze’s surgery.  Not only was Blayze’s PDA ligation surgery a success, but Dr. Ree spayed Blayze 2 weeks later and she did wonderfully!