Our latest grant is for our first feline recipient, a kitten named Boots! Boots is an eleven-month-old male kitty who had surgery for a urinary obstruction. This is a fairly common problem in male cats, where the urethra becomes obstructed and they are unable to urinate. This can happen due to inflammation and material blocking the urethra, such as mucus, crystals, or stones. Boots mom, Emily, initially thought he had a stomach ache because he was making meowing and squeaking noises. The medications given to settle his stomach did not help, and Boots then developed blood in his urine. Emily was given many estimates for Boots treatment, and options can vary. For Boots, he had an unblocking procedure with a urinary catheter, and then corrective surgery was recommended. This surgery is called a perineal urethrostomy, also called a PU, which widens the urethra. After a PU surgery, having another urinary blockage is very unlikely. Emily had just adopted Boots as a kitten in July, and the cost of surgery was not possible due to Emily’s current financial situation. Dr. Woodall at the San Francisco SPCA helped connect Boots to our veterinary partner, Fix Our Ferals. Emily said Fix Our Ferals, and their veterinarian, Dr. Goh, were amazing. They then helped Emily connect to SAGE Compassion for Animals to assist in Boots surgery cost. We were happy to help, and excited to help our first feline friend! Emily cannot say enough how thankful she is for all the care and assistance she received for Boots. Emily truly thought she was going to have to say goodbye to Boots as she couldn’t afford his care. Emily said Dr. Goh at Fix Our Ferals went above and beyond to offer comfort and aid in Boots’ recovery. Emily recounts, “It was a traumatizing and crazy experience but I am thankful everything worked out. Boots is even more lovable since surgery, which makes him even cuter!”. We agree; Boots is quite handsome! Boots’ case required collaboration by many organizations, and we could not be happier with the outcome. Go Boots!