I think you all can tell from Bowie sporting that handsome blue collar, that he is another one of our feline urinary obstruction kitties!  When he first showed signs, his pet mom brought him to the local emergency clinic where he was unblocked and they diagnosed small tiny stones that had caused the blockage.  The veterinarian at the Community Veterinary Clinic at the Humane Society of Sonoma County offered to remove the stones and manage Bowie’s diet to prevent blockage in the future, but Bowie’s pet mom was worried about affording future care as she needed funding for this surgery.  SAGE Compassion for Animals could help this time with funding, but we only offer one grant per pet, and so future costs would be an issue.  Dr. Norris offered to remove the stones and perform a perineal urethrostomy (PU) surgery at the same time, so if diet alone couldn’t control Bowie’s urinary stone formation, he would be less likely to need emergency care in the future.

Bowie did very well with surgery, and his story is a common one for male cats.  Luckily, there are options for care for these kitties – but unfortunately, it does come with a significant price tag and the problem can be life-threatening.  You can review our blog on this condition here.