Poor Bubbs!  He’s been through a lot in the last couple of months!  He was first diagnosed with having crystals in his urine about 4 months ago and his pet mom put him on a special diet to try and keep them from recurring – but recurring they did!  He started straining to urinate and only a few dribbles would come out and Bubbs went to the emergency clinic to find out that he had obstructed!  The team unblocked him and he was sent home, only to reobstruct within days!  Unfortunately, this can happen commonly to male kitties and now the recommendation is for surgery to open up Bubbs urethra so that he won’t have life-threatening obstruction in the future.  Bubbs’ pet mom was beside herself as she had used all her money on Bubbs emergency care.  She found the team at Happy Valley Pet Hospital to do the surgery quickly that week before Bubbs obstructed again – and found SAGE Compassion for Animals to help with funding.  Bubbs is back home doing well after surgery – lounging in his favorite place!!