Bugsy’s mom just thought he had gotten into the cat litter box again when he started vomiting, but then he didn’t get better and started refusing food – including some of his favorites.  Bugsy was taken back to the veterinary clinic where they diagnosed foreign material in Bugsy’s intestines. Unfortunately, it was late on a Friday and the clinic was closing and Bugsy needed surgery.  Bugsy’s mom also needed financial assistance and had reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals for help, but we needed a clinic that had the ability to do emergency surgery.  Fortunately, after calling around, the primary care veterinary clinic was able to get Bugsy in to see the team at SAGE Veterinary Centers Concord. They called in their emergency board-certified surgeon Dr. Ree to do the surgery that night.  Bugsy recovered well from the intestinal surgery, and got neutered at the same time! 

Bugsy had multiple pieces of plastic and fabric in his intestine – unfortunately, dogs that eat things they shouldn’t, don’t always learn, and pet parents need to be diligent about locking away garbage and picking up items around the house.  Sometimes dogs can pass foreign materials, but oftentimes they can’t, so training the family and the dog early is important to avoid unwanted trips to the veterinarian.