Chamoix, an 8-month-old tabby, just started limping on his right hind leg one day and his Mom took him in on emergency.  She was surprised to find that he had a fracture in the ball (femoral head) in his hip joint!  This could happen with trauma or sometimes happens spontaneously in young male cats.  Chamoix does love to play with his brother, Monte Wolfe, so his Mom wasn’t sure (scroll above to see adorable pictures of the brothers!).  Chamoix’s Mom found Dr. Gadd at East Bay SPCA that could do the surgery, but even with their grants, she was short on funds.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to assist in providing additional funding and Chamoix received the surgery he needed – including being neutered!  Luckily, Chamoix’s Mom also took the advice of the team at East Bay SPCA and got pet insurance for both kitties.  Thank goodness, because Monte Wolfe developed signs of urinary obstruction while Chamoix was awaiting surgery from stress caused by having their cat tree removed – and pet insurance was able to cover those expenses!!

Please visit our resource pages for tips on getting pet insurance – yes, it’s worth it!!