Chata’s pet mom was given Chata about 2 months ago – not realizing that she was pregnant!!  Unfortunately, French Bulldogs can have a variety of medical problems – including difficult labor – because of their squishy faces and big heads (Chata = flat in Spanish!).  Chata’s pet mom took her to the emergency team at PETS Referral Center when she discovered that Chata had given birth to one puppy that unfortunately didn’t make it.  How many more puppies might there be??!!  On x-rays, it looked like 2 more puppies and Chata needed a c-section to save them and her!  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to fund the surgery – and Chata was spayed at the same time!  Chata is recovering well with her 2 puppies by her side!

It is always a good idea when you adopt a new pet – whether from a friend or a shelter or a breeder – to have them examined right away by a veterinarian to make sure that they are healthy and that there aren’t any surprises!  Also, do research on different breeds of dogs prior to adopting as certain breeds, like the French Bulldog, may be very cute and cuddly, but also have a lot of potential medical problems to navigate!