Chester Cheeto’s


Chester Cheeto LOVES to sleep (check out his photo gallery for his various sleeping positions!).  His pet parents noted that he vomited a couple of days ago – unfortunately, there were some hair ties and string along with his food.   When he vomited again just bile, Chester was taken to the East Hills Veterinary Hospital where they diagnosed that his intestines were all bunched up with foreign material and he needed surgery right away!  The veterinary team reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals to help fund the emergency surgery that day.  Luckily, Chester Cheeto was able to recover quickly after surgery and is back home lounging about with his siblings!

Cats do like to play with string cat toys – and will also play with hair ties, rubber bands, yarn, string – and sometimes swallow them!  These linear foreign bodies can be very severe and require quick intervention by a veterinarian before intestinal damage occurs.  Make sure and keep all of those fun items locked away from your kitties!