This grant recipient is truly a story of perseverance, and “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Chloe is a 9-year-old Labrador mix who means the world to her family. Her mom, Siania, is very attentive to Chloe, especially after she had a back injury several years ago. One morning, while they were out, Chloe tried to run after an unsuspecting cat. Thankfully, the kitty was fine, but later than night Chloe was not herself. She has some bloody discharge, but this could have been due to a heat cycle since Chloe was not spayed. Over the next few days, Chloe was acting sickly and vomited. Chloe’s family ended up in the emergency room at SAGE Veterinary Centers. Siania had been vigilantly caring for Chloe while analyzing her symptoms. Siania’s fears were confirmed; Chloe had a pyometra. A pyometra is a life-threatening infection of the uterus, which occurs in pets who have not been spayed.

When Chloe’s mom was given the estimate for surgery, she knew she needed to find help. Since Chloe was stable, she was able to go home temporarily while Siania figured out a solution. She got to work! Siania began calling several veterinary hospitals to get help. Siania is so thankful to one person, who told her there were organizations she could apply to for funding assistance. Siania finally got the call she was hoping for from SAGE Compassion for Animals, and it was such a relief. She had finally found the silver lining to all her hard work. Siania said, “I felt so stressed and alone. I felt the odds were against me. But then I knew God was helping me out.” We connected Chloe and her mom to one of our veterinary partners, Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital. By becoming a veterinary partner, animal hospitals are committing up front to providing discounted services to our grant recipients. Siania says everyone at Oak Tree Veterinary Hospital was so nice, patient, and understanding. Chloe immediately received surgery and is now recovering well at home. Siania reports, “I felt like Oak Tree was really interested in helping my dog. I was so relieved. I am so grateful and so blessed. I am lucky. If it wasn’t for SAGE Compassion for Animals, I couldn’t have helped her.”

We were so pleased to provide support for Chloe and her mom. We cannot thank our donors and veterinary partners enough. If you think your veterinary hospital may be interested in partnering with us, please have them email [email protected] and visit our website for more information.