Cinnamon’s pet mom thought she was going to have to say a final goodbye to Cinnamon when she found that she just couldn’t get up on her own.  When Cinnamon arrived at VCA Animal Care Clinic, they had prepared for euthanasia, but upon examination, they found that Cinnamon had a treatable problem!  Cinnamon had an infected uterus – which many older dogs will get in their lifetime if not spayed.  She would have a good prognosis for a normal life if Cinnamon had surgery right away to remove the uterus – essentially a spay, but more complicated and costly.  Unfortunately, Cinnamon’s pet mom was unhoused and did not have the money.  SAGEC4A was able to fund the surgery, and thanks to the diligence of the veterinary team, Cinnamon is back home with her pet mom!!