It was Christmas Eve with SAGE Compassion for Animals got contacted by PAW FUND.  They had a client that was in need of financial assistance in getting surgery performed on his 13-year-old Chihuahua named Coco.  She had an infected uterus and was very ill.  PETS IN NEED had already agreed to cover the costs of diagnostics at Animal Care Clinic in San Pablo and SAGE Veterinary Centers in Concord.  Dr. Mike Evans performed the surgery at a discount at Animal Care Clinic and SAGE Compassion for Animals gave a grant to cover the rest.  PAW FUND staff provided all the transportation for Coco between the veterinary practices and covered the cost of aftercare overnight, as well as food, supplies, and veterinary care needed for follow up.  Coco has her appetite back and is playing with her toys – it truly took a community to provide the funding and care that Coco needed – all within 24 hours!

Coco is doing very well. Since finding Coco alone in a park over 12 years ago, she has been a constant companion. Coco’s dad says everyone involved in Coco’s care was a blessing. He wasn’t sure how he would have helped Coco, since finances are limited due to a disability. It was very hard for Coco’s dad to ask for help, but he is glad to have received assistance. He wants us to know that Coco comes first and she is making a speedy recovery!