Coco is a young male cat that already had one bought of urinary obstruction, but now is at PETS Referral Center with another!  The team was able to unblock Coco, but there was concern that he would re-block sometime in the future.  The veterinarian was recommending surgery, a perineal urethrostomy, to create a larger opening for Coco to urinary through to avoid blocking again.  Coco’s pet family did not have the funds for a surgery, so they reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals for assistance.   Coco had his surgery and is at home – he cannot wait to have his e-collar off!

Urinary obstruction and blockage in male cats continues to be the most common procedure that SAGEC4A funds for.  This is a potentially life threatening condition that can cost several thousands of dollars – and a very good reason to consider pet insurance early on when adopting a male cat!