Cookie’s pet dad noticed her becoming ill on Christmas Eve – she was not eating well, lethargic, and had developed a bloody discharge from her vulva.  Cookie was diagnosed quickly with an infected uterus – pyometra – by the team at Arroyo Veterinary Clinic, a very common problem in dogs that have not been spayed.  Cookie needed surgery, but her pet dad was a disabled veteran that was barely making ends meet by driving for a ride-share company – and he was staying home with Cookie since she has been sick!  SAGE Companion for Animals was contacted and was able to secure funding so that Cookie could have her surgery.  Cookie did well and is back home with her littermate Lily and her pet dad who has raised both girls since they were just pups!  They are staying by Cookie’s side as she recovers because she has always been the rock of the family – acting as her pet dad’s service animal.  Cookie has even saved her dad’s life by getting out of the house and alerting the neighbors when he was in medical crisis.  SAGEC4A is honored to assist Cookie and thanks her pet dad for his service!