Cooper is a one-year-old male Bulldog and his pet dad saw blood dripping from the tip of Cooper’s penis and was very worried.  When the team at Advanced Veterinary Medical Center examined Cooper, they found a urethral prolapse – the inner lining of the urine tube was sticking out and being damaged and that was the cause of the bleeding.  They also noted that Cooper’s testicles had not descended (cryptorchidism) – which can be a problem later in life and is an inherited condition.  The doctor recommended repair and removal of the prolapse along with a neuter, but Cooper’s pet dad did not have the money for the surgery.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to help fund and now Cooper is recovering well and his pet dad is happy to have him home!

Urethral prolapse is common in intact male Bulldogs.  It is always a good idea to know what kind of issues certain breeds might have in order to watch out for those.  Your veterinarian can give you this information when you first adopt a dog and can help you make a plan for monitoring.