Dookie was minding his business in his yard, when a stray dog decided to come into the yard and pick a fight.  Unfortunately for Dookie, he suffered some significant bites along his chest.  Dookie had an initial surgery to repair the damage, but as sometimes happens with bites, the tissue underneath the skin dies after a few days due to the crush of the dog’s teeth.  When this happened to Dookie, the repair that was done started to break down.  While Dookie’s parents tried to manage the now open wound with bandages, it was large enough that it really needed another surgical repair to close the wound and get a culture to make sure Dookie had the proper antibiotics.  Dookie’s parents had used up their available funds and were thinking that they would need to say goodbye.  The team at VCA Animal Care Clinic felt that the wound could heal now with surgery and reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals to help with funding for the second surgery.  Dookie’s pet parents are so happy to have their sweet boy back home – and now he is also neutered as well!