Dorothea is an older lady that was rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue from a shelter in the northern part of California.  The team at Muttville had provided dental services, acupuncture, and she was living the good life with her foster family until they noted some blood in her urine and she just wasn’t her spunky self.  Dorothea was taken to SAGE Veterinary Centers Redwood City where they diagnosed that one of her kidneys had become dysfunctional and infected.  The likely cause – damage during her spay surgery at a shelter!  This was going to be a costly surgery, so Muttville reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals to partner with to provide funding as Dorothea would have a good prognosis if the damaged kidney could be removed.  Luckily, the surgical team at SAGE Veterinary Centers was able to remove the kidney and now Dorothea is back at Muttville, waiting for her forever home!!