We are hosting another virtual webinar!

Thursday, October 28th at 6:00 – 7:30pm

Pet Insurance:  Do I Really Need It?

Speaker:  Julie D. Smith, DVM, DACVS, CCRT, MBA

That is the question that we as veterinary professionals always hear when the topic of pet insurance is brought up.  Pet insurance has a low adoption rate among companion pet owners in the United States even though there is much more use in Canada and Europe.  It has a storied history that includes poor customer service and confusing policies, but more recent companies are solving some of those past issues.  As a non-profit awarding grants to pet parents that cannot afford the veterinary care that their pet needs, we understand how heartbreaking it can be to make medical decisions based on financial realities.  Pet insurance can be a lifesaver when a pet becomes ill. Pet insurance can cover many common emergencies, including costly emergency surgeries. The speaker is a veterinary surgeon, veterinary business owner, and Executive Director of SAGE Compassion for Animals.  She is also one of nine veterinarians in the country chosen to sit on the Veterinary Economic Strategy Committee that examines the economics of the veterinary industry that impacts pet owners, pets, and the veterinary community.  Learn more about the role pet insurance can play in the planning for your pet’s lifelong health and what to look for in a plan.

This webinar is a free event but registration will be limited.  Please register early for this live event!

SAGE Compassion for Animals is looking forward to hosting an in-person event that will be fun and fabulous sometime in 2022!  We received our 501(c)(3) status just when the Shelter-In-Place order was issued in 2020 – so we had to put all of our great ideas on hold for now until we can gather safely with donors and community members.  We will keep you posted if you sign up for our email list below!

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