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Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30pm

Supporting Human Needs & Honoring the Bond: Veterinary Social Work & Pet Loss

Speaker: Chelsey Nisbet, MSW, ASW, Veterinary Social Worker

Veterinary Social Work (VSW) is social work, practiced in a veterinary setting, which acknowledges and addresses the human-animal bond. Learn how a VSW works with a hospital’s human clients, allowing veterinarians to better focus on treating pets and pet parents to feel seen, heard, and supported. Hear about the ways in which veterinary social work supports and strengthens interdisciplinary partnerships that attend to the intersection of humans and animals.

The session will also cover the dynamics of pet loss and grief, the disenfranchisement of animal loss, and what it means to hold space. Pioneering and current research on grief and loss will be included.

Veterinary Social Worker Chelsey Nisbet is SAGE Veterinary Center’s first-ever VSW and is based out of SAGE Hospital – Campbell. Chelsey is a master’s level social worker who has worked in the veterinary industry, helping both team members and clients, since 2019. Previously, Chelsey worked in county and state-level public human services agencies supporting children and families. It was there that Chelsey discovered her love for “helping the helpers” and increasing employee resilience. Chelsey holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and a grief support specialist certificate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Her experience supporting both pet parents and veterinary industry professionals around the loss of their pets has allowed her to deeply understand the human-animal bond as well as strategies for healing after loss. In her role, Chelsey offers emotional support and resources to pet parents in times of need. When not at work, Chelsey can be found spending time with her dogs, reading contemporary fiction, and exploring local coffee shops.


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