Flakka had been vomiting and not eating well for a few days before being referred to the Veterinary Emergency Group by her primary care veterinarian.  Flakka also had discharge from her vulva and was an intact female Rottweiler.  The veterinarians were all suspicious of a pyometra (infected uterus) and this can be potentially life-threatening without emergency surgery to remove the uterus.  Flakka’s pet family was devastated because they did not have the money for this surgery – but they reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals and we were able to help cover the costs.  Flakka is home with her pet family of humans and other dogs now recovering well.

Unfortunately, up to 25% of all female dogs that have not been spayed will develop this life-threatening problem.  Not only is this completely preventable by having your dog spayed – it is completely treatable with this emergency surgery……that is also quite costly!  A very good reason to have your dog spayed early.  Read more about this common deadly problem in dogs in our blog.