Gigi was pregnant, but her pet mom did not know that there was an issue until it was too late and the puppies had died and were causing an infection.  Gigi’s pet mom brought her to the team at Vets in Vans, a mobile non-profit veterinary clinic, because she was unhoused and did not have sufficient funds to pay for the surgery Gigi desperately needed.  Vets in Vans reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals to obtain funds to get Gigi’s surgery done right away.  Gigi’s surgery went well and she is now back with her pet mom!

Gigi is pictured with Dr. Lauren Park, one of founders of Vets in Vans, providing comprehensive veterinary services, with employees trained in social service. Vets in Vans aims to work alongside the community to offer solutions in providing accessible and compassionate veterinary care to preserve the human-animal bond and SAGEC4A is proud to have them as one of our veterinary partners!