Haru’s pet mom just moved a couple months ago and now he has to deal with the landlord’s dog being excessively interested in him – very stressful!  Haru started straining to urinate which is the hallmark of our most common ailment for funding – possible urinary obstruction due to inflammation and crystals in the urine.  This is frequently brought on by stressors in the environment.  Haru was taken to Pets Referral Center and unblocked with a urinary catheter, but the veterinarian was very concerned that Haru could block again and recommended surgery (perineal urethrostomy or “PU”).  The team could do the surgery that day, but Haru’s pet mom didn’t have the funding.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to secure funding that afternoon!  Haru is now back at home with his family – and hopefully, can stay up on the fence where he can taunt the dog from afar!