Hazel, a 2-year-old female bulldog mix, delivered her puppy Lola, but then the next puppy appeared to be stuck!  This was not Hazel’s first litter, and she had some problems the last pregnancy as well.  Hazel’s pet mom took her into the emergency veterinarian, but they were unable to get Hazel to deliver the pup and now Hazel was at risk!  The team at Vets In Vans was able to perform emergency surgery on July 4th, with some help from SAGE Compassion for Animals funding.  Unfortunately, Hazel’s other puppies didn’t make it, but she did – and this time, she was also spayed!!

Certain breeds, like bulldogs, are prone to having difficult births called dystocia.  This can result in life-threatening situations for both the puppies and their mom – and are also costly!  Please have your pets spayed and neutered for their health….and the health of your wallet!