This time of year many of us are decorating for the holidays. While we love the sight of our homes decked out in festive attire, you may not realize your pets might be interested too.
Be aware of those mischievous animal deviants who want in on the fun!

Terra mischievously eyeing the tree……

Terra is an 8-month-old puppy who caused some concern for our board member, Stephanie Garcia Gonzalez.  Terra found a holiday light necklace very enjoyable and ended up eating it!

Chewed up lights with button battery intact!

Thankfully, Terra is okay, but we felt this was a good reminder to share with our community!

Small electronics such as these holiday necklaces often contain lithium batteries, which are also known as “button batteries”. If these are ingested they can become a life threatening emergency within hours for pets and kids alike. Please be mindful about your pets access to these items in your home to avoid an emergency visit.

When pets ingest foreign objects, this may involve a visit to your veterinarian to induce vomiting, radiographs, lab work, and medications. Depending on the severity of your pets condition, they may need to stay in the hospital or need anesthesia for a scoping or surgery to remove the ingested material.

Make sure that you keep your pets safe over the holidays so that the whole family can enjoy the festivities of the season!