Don’t let the fun and festivities of celebrating the Forth of July turn into a visit to your local veterinary emergency clinic!  Here are some common situations that veterinarians report at a higher rate around this holiday:

  • Noisy fireworks and crowds can scare animals and cause them to run away! Make sure your pets – dogs and cats! – have identification tags that have current information and that their location is secure.  Even better, since collars can come off, is to have your pet microchipped.  This is a simple procedure that can be done at your veterinary office that can really increase your chances of getting your pet returned to you.  If you know your pet is anxious, speak to your veterinarian ahead of time to discuss behavioral therapy or medication around the holiday.


  • Trauma from being hit by a car or attacked by another animal can occur if your pet runs away. These incidents can be deadly for pets even if found in time to be taken to a veterinarian.  And even if not life-threatening, injuries may require surgical procedures and lengthy recovery times or impact quality of life.  Whether it’s your pet that is injured, or you find a stray pet injured, make sure and be careful as you could end up with your own an emergency visit due to a bite wound!

Zeus ate something he shouldn’t have and needed emergency surgery….read more

  • Picnics and barbeques are fun to participate in and your dog may think these treats are yummy too! Some food for people can be toxic to animals – think grapes, chewing gum, onions, and chocolate to name a few!  Other food items can lodge in a pet’s GI tract requiring emergency surgery – think chicken bones, ribs, and believe it or not, corn cobs!  If you don’t think you can monitor your dog to prevent them from getting into something they shouldn’t – or being given something by another human – leave them at home where they can be safe and sound.
  • The SF Bay Area will be experiencing some of the hottest days of the year this weekend and heat can be a killer! Make sure that your pet has access to shade and plenty of water and don’t leave them outside for extended periods.  If your dog is brachycephalic – think of the short nose and squishy face of the Frenchie or Pug – they are even more susceptible to overheating because of their confirmation.  NEVER leave your pet in your car even for a short time with the windows rolled down.  Not only can that be deadly – or another expensive visit to the veterinary emergency clinic – but California law allows Good Samaritans to break your car windows in an effort to save your pet.

Finally, remember that more pets go missing and are admitted to shelters around this time of year and shelters are very full already!  Not to mention, the long waits at veterinary emergency clinics will be even longer this holiday!  Keep your pets in a safe space this year while you enjoy the holiday – or if they are traveling with you, make sure you can pay attention to keeping that environment safe for them while you celebrate.