Kailo got out of the house and was hit by a car.  He suffered from lacerations, chest trauma, and a severe fracture to his front leg – his humerus.  Luckily, his family was able to afford to have him stabilized and his wounds stitched up, but they didn’t have the funds to repair the fracture.  The emergency room splinted Kailo to provide comfort while the family looked for a solution.  They were able to find SAGE Compassion for Animals to help, but by the time Kailo was reexamined, the fracture had healed incorrectly and now surgical repair with a good outcome was compromised.  The team at VCA Animal Care Clinic was able to offer to amputate the limb to allow Kailo to be pain-free and we were able to provide funding for the surgery.  Now the 2-year-old Cattle Dog is on the mend and back at home with his family!