Lacey’s pet dad first noticed that she was urinating and drinking more than usual – this started a few weeks after her heat cycle.  She then started being lethargic and not eating and developed a fever – it was very high, over 105 degrees when she was seen by the team at Lenity Vet Specialists and Emergency Care (normal being 100-102.5).  Lacey was diagnosed with an infected uterus – a pyometra.  She needed emergency surgery to remove the uterus, and she also had a very small nodule in her mammary gland that was likely benign, but should also be removed.  Lacey’s pet dad reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals and we were able to provide the funding so that surgery could happen that day.  Lacey did well and back taking snoozes and lounging about at home!

Having your dog spayed is not just about population control, but about your pet’s health.  25% of intact female dogs will have pyometra in their life time.  Mammary cancer has the same frequency in intact dogs as breast cancer does in women – and 50% of mammary masses in dogs are malignant!  Please see our blog about the health benefits of spaying you dog.