Mac N’ Cheese – otherwise known as Mac! – was just jumping up like 5 month old puppies do, but when he came down, he yelped and his pet parents heard something pop!  He was taken to the emergency clinic at SAGE Veterinary Centers Concord and diagnosed with a tibial crest avulsion.  A tiny bit of bone had pulled off his shin bone, but it was attached to the important patella tendon (where the thigh muscle inserts)….so needed surgical repair!  Mac’s pet parents had just adopted him from a friend and didn’t have the money to pay for the specialty surgery, but they reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals for help.  The board-certified surgeon at SAGE Veterinary Centers was able to repair the fracture – and neuter Mac too!  Mac is now in recovery mode for the next few weeks in a crate – to keep this puppy from jumping until he has a chance to heal.