“She’s the best present I could ever get.”  Wise words were spoken by Billie, the 5-year-old owner of our grant recipient Marshmallow! Marshmallow is a 5-month-old French Bulldog who fractured her elbow playing in the yard. The Polk family adopted Marshmallow to be a companion to Billie. Their daughter was struggling, like most of us, with the isolation that has come in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Polk family hoped Marshmallow would bring happiness and some “normal to a very abnormal situation”.  As soon as the pair met, Marshmallow gave Billie a hug and the two have been bonded ever since. When Marshmallow went to the vet for her injury, the family was facing a difficult decision to amputate Marshmallow’s leg since the cost of the surgical repair was extensive. Marshmallow was only a puppy, and still has many more years to run around with play dress-up with her 5-year-old best friend!  That’s when SAGE Compassion for Animals stepped in. SAGE Veterinary Centers agreed to perform the surgery at a discounted rate, while our foundation gave grant money to assist with the medical bill. The Polk family is incredibly thankful and Marshmallow is doing well. “Marshmallow is a vital member to this family, and especially our daughter”.  Swipe through for photos of her playing dress-up (pre-injury of course!).