Maximus the cat certainly grew into his name being a big Maine Coon!  Unfortunately, he has had multiple bouts of urinary obstruction over the years and had most recently blocked just 3 weeks ago.  When he presented blocked again to SAGE Veterinary Centers in Concord, his pet dad and the doctors realized that this was going to likely keep happening and potentially threatened Maximus’s life.  There is a surgery, a perineal urethrostomy (“PU”), that is very successful at preventing recurrent obstruction, but Maximus’s dad didn’t have the funds.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to provide a grant for surgery, which was very much needed!  With all of the obstructions, Maximus’s urethra (tube to the outside from the bladder) had undergone a lot of scarring and put him at risk for successful medical management in the future.