Midnight was having problems urinating and his pet parents brought him into the emergency clinic where he was diagnosed with urinary obstruction.  The emergency team were able to unblock Midnight, but that care required the family to use up most of their credit.  Midnight was transferred to the Humane Society of Sonoma County where Dr. Norris offered to perform a perineal urethrostomy – a surgery to enlarge Midnight’s urinary tract to prevent him from blocking in the future.  They turned to SAGE Compassion for Animals to fund the surgery and Midnight was able to go home the very next day – proudly wearing his collar to prevent him from licking his surgical site!

Urinary obstruction is the most common condition we fund for our feline grant recipients.  Sometimes the cat might not need surgery but could continue to have issues that require intermittent hospitalizations that end up costing more than one surgery.  The springtime is when we tend to see this condition – so if you have a male kitty, make sure and monitor their urination and call your veterinarian if you see them strain or have blood in the urine right away!