Mittens’ pet mom didn’t know what was going on when Mittens started crying – her daughter noticed it happened when Mittens was in the litter box.  They took Mittens to the emergency clinic where they diagnosed him as being “blocked” – yes, the most common thing we help fund for cats!!  Male cats can become blocked by crystal plugs in their urethra (the tube from the bladder) and then cannot urinate – which is a life-threatening condition!  The veterinarians at the emergency clinic were concerned when they unblocked Mittens that he had a lot of grit – that he could reblock easily – and recommended that he have surgery to increase the urethral opening – a perineal urethrostomy or “PU”.  These surgeries are very successful, but Mitten’s family didn’t have the money even for hospitalization let alone surgery.  They were referred to Animal Fix Clinic where Mitten could get the surgery – and to SAGE Compassion for Animals for the funding.  Now Mittens is at home with his family and doing very well!