Molly, a 2-year-old Maltese mix, accidentally had a toolbox fall on her while staying over a friend’s house. At first, Molly was only limping, but shortly after, it was clear there was something wrong. The Gonzalez family discovered Molly had a broken back leg which needed surgical repair. Molly’s family, however, had experienced many hardships and were unable to afford her surgery. Molly’s owner, Tiffany, is a mother of four children, and the father, Mike, passed away in 2018 after a motorcycle accident. Earlier this year, their oldest daughter, Destiny, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. Molly had been staying with a friend while Destiny was in the hospital. The Gonzalez family were already facing many challenges, and losing Molly was unthinkable. Tiffany was encouraged to apply for a grant through SAGE Compassion for Animals. As soon as we heard Molly’s story, our organization immediately wanted to help. SAGE Compassion for Animals awarded a grant to Molly’s family, and Adobe Animal Hospital significantly discounted their surgical services to fix Molly’s broken leg. Molly is now recovering from surgery at home and is in good spirits. Tiffany, Molly’s owner, said she is extremely grateful for the help after all her family has been through. Tiffany hopes by sharing their story, it will inspire others to donate to the SAGE Compassion for Animals organization. We are happy to help keep the Gonzalez family together with their sweet girl Molly.

Click here is a link to the newspaper article on Tiffany’s daughter Destiny and to help donate to Destiny’s fight against cancer, visit her Go Fund Me page.