If Nora looks worried to you, its because she is!  Her pet mom had brought her to the emergency room because she had stopped eating – but more scary! – was that she started vomiting and it wouldn’t stop.  Radiographs at the emergency hospital indicated that likely she ate something that she shouldn’t have and was causing an obstruction in her intestines that required surgery.  Nora’s pet mom had been in and out of veterinarians offices that past week because she couldn’t afford care and now Nora’s been definitively diagnosed and her pet mom knows that supportive care won’t work.  The Vets in Vans team reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals for funding and were able to do the surgery right away.  They removed a child’s toy ball – a niece had visited right before Nora stopped eating.  Luckily, Nora received the surgery she needed and is home recuperating!

It is so important to supervise young children with pets – especially young dogs that might not be used to them, but do have a propensity to eat things that they shouldn’t!!