Nymeria had stopped eating, but drinking more water, and then started vomiting.  Within hours, he was found collapsed and unresponsive, and his pet mom rushed him to OakVet Animal Specialty Hospital on emergency.  The team diagnosed Nymeria with urinary obstruction – most common condition we grant funds for in male cats.  It was so severe, that Nymeria’s kidney values and electrolytes were severely abnormal and he was on the verge of dying!  The veterinary team was able to unblock Nymeria with a urinary catheter and start him on fluids and he was responding very well!!  His bloodwork had started to improve, but it wasn’t normal, so the veterinary team recommended another 24-48 hours hospitalized with a catheter in place and IV fluids to continue to flush out his system – but Nymeria’s pet mom had run out of funds.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to provide a grant now that Nymeria had shown such good response as we do require that a pet has a good to excellent prognosis for funding.  Nymeria received the additional care he needed and is now home getting belly rubs!