Oso is 2-years-old, but still can get into things he shouldn’t even though he isn’t a puppy anymore!  He also lives with 2 small pet siblings and that can be tricky for his pet parents to navigate.  When Oso started vomiting and wouldn’t eat, his pet dad took him to OakVet Animal Specialty Hospital because he thought that Oso might have swallowed parts of a toy.  The team did diagnose Oso with a GI foreign body and recommended surgery right away because Oso hadn’t eaten for almost 3 days.  SAGE Compassion for Animals was contacted to help with funding so that Oso could get the surgery he needed.  At surgery, the doctor didn’t find a toy, but rather a rock!!  Silly Oso!!  He is now home recovering with his family who is so happy to still have Oso as a part of their lives.