Below are a list of resources that we felt may be helpful in finding financial assistance, preparing and responding to disasters, community help, and education on variety of aspects of pet health.  These are no means exhaustive and focus on the counties of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please click the organization name to view the applicable website resource. 

Other Funding Sources
Organization   County / Area 
Scratch Pay    
Palo Alto Humane Society   Cites of Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose.
Frankie’s Friends   National Organization funding for medical crisis
Redrover Urgent Care    
ARF Emergency Medical Fund   Contra costa county
Pets In Need   COVID related need; Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara counties
San Francisco Aid for Animals   Treated by Veterinarian that is a member of the San Francisco Veterinary Medical Association
San Francisco SPCA    
Paws In Need    
East Bay SPCA  
CARAAF Funding for dogs that were rescued by pet parents needing medical treatment
Magic Bullet Fund Help raise funds for dogs and cats with cancer
American Veterinary Medical Foundation Funds for veterinarians treating pets in families impacted by COVID-19 or domestic violence
The Wishbone Foundation Helping with special needs pets in SF Bay Area, Portland, and Houston
Saving Gracie Provides funding for animals needing veterinary care in Solano County


Spay & Neuter Resources
Organization County
Fix our Ferals Alameda, Contra Costa
Feral Cat Foundation Alameda, Contra Costa
Ohlone Humane Society Alameda
Island Cat Resources and Adoptions Alameda, East Bay
Paws in need Alameda, Contra Costa
Pawfund Alameda, Contra Costa
Contra Costa Animal Service Contra Costa
ARF Contra Costa
Berkeley Humane Contra Costa
Contra Costa Humane Society Contra Costa
East Bay SPCA Contra Costa
Oakland Animal Services Contra Costa
Snip (Spay/Neuter Impact Program) Contra Costa
Marin Humane Marin County
Napa Humane Napa
Furry Friends Northern CA
Compassion without borders Northern CA & Central Valley
Nine lives foundation San Mateo
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA San Mateo
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority Santa Clara
Paws for SJACS Santa Clara
Shelters first Santa Clara
Fowas Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Animal Shelter Santa Cruz
SFCCC Veterinary Street Outreach San Francisco
Solano Ferals Solano
SPCA Solano County Solano
Solano County Solano County
Sonoma County Sonoma
Humane Society Sonoma County Sonoma
Pets Lifeline Sonoma
Petaluma Pet Pals Sonoma
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter Sonoma


Pet Insurance Resources

Pet Insurance Tips by Dr. Lissa Richardson

Pet Insurance Webinar by Dr. Julie Smith





Organization Tips
NAPHIA North American Pet Health Insurance Trade organization website that has tips for buying pet insurance as well as comparisons that are not biased
Armed forces Insurance For military personnel, see website for qualifications
Quan Insurance Pet insurance offered for Berkeley and Oakland only
Beware that a number of sites that appear to be just comparing pet insurance are actually paid by those insurance companies to appear in these comparisons.  This can limit and bias the results of these comparisons.  The websites have to disclose this, so look for disclosures before you trust!
Quotes and Reviews Website compares plans, but all plans compared are sponsored
Quotes and Reviews Website compares plans, but all plans compared are sponsored
Quotes and Reviews Website compares plans, but all plans compared are sponsored
Fursure Website that helps find plan based on individual input, some plans sponsored.  Blogs on why to get pet insurance curated by veterinarians and insurance experts
Assistance For Pet Behavioral Problems


Organization County  
San Francisco SPCA San Francisco  
Feline Minds Contra Costa, Alameda  
Dog Squad Training Contra Costa  
Berkeley Humane Contra Costa  
East Bay SPCA Contra Costa, Alameda  
Paws and cues Contra Costa, Alameda  
Marin County Dog Training Marin County  
Marin Humane Marin County  
West Coast Dog Training Marin County  
Bark Busters Marin County and San Francisco  
Napa Valley Dog Training Club Napa  
Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA San Mateo  
Santa Cruz animal shelter Santa Cruz  
SPCA Santa Cruz Santa Cruz  
Furry friends rescue Bay Area  
Napa Humane Napa  
Sirius Puppy and Dog Training Bay Area  
Dog Dynamics East Bay  
American College of Veterinary Behaviorists    
UC Davis Veterinary School    
Muttville Training older pets  
Domestic Violence Resources
Organization   County Content
Redrover     8 signs for an abusive relationship
Redrover     Funding to help shelter the pet
Redrover     List of Safe Places for pet and owner
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA   San Mateo County Cruelty investigations and reporting
Marin Humane   Marin County  
Next Door Solution for Domestic Violence      
Domestic     Find a shelter and resources on abuse
Safe Havens Mapping Project     Find a place for pets of people experiencing domestic violence
American Veterinary Medical Founcation     Funds for veterinarians treating pets in families impacted by COVID-19 or domestic violence
Resources of Military Personnel