Our next grant was a partnership with some wonderful organizations that help out our fur friends. We were contact by Dr. Strubel at Vet SOS; a non-profit that supports veterinary services for homeless individuals. They were worried about Rocky, a 12-year-old dog owned by Gloria. Rocky had multiple tumors around his rear which made it difficult to go to the bathroom. These tumors are often a response to hormones, so in addition to removing the tumors, neutering Rocky was also a priority. The San Francisco SPCA aided by running Rocky’s lab work, as it was necessary to make sure anesthesia was safe at Rocky’s age. Once that was cleared, Dr. Goh at Fix our Ferals agreed to do both surgeries at a discount. That is where SAGE Compassion for Animals stepped in! We were able to provide a grant to make surgery happen. Rocky is now doing well, and Gloria continues to bring him in for his regular check-ups at Vet SOS.  Gloria is so grateful that all of our organizations came together to assist Rocky. A special thank you to the San Francisco SPCA, Dr. Strubel and Vet SOS, Dr. Goh and Fix our Ferals, and our donors! SAGE Compassion for Animals was proud to be a part of this community that came together to help Rocky and Gloria!