Little Roo was hit by a car just outside of a school, so luckily the car wasn’t going too fast, but Roo still suffered multiple injuries.  Roo’s pet mom was able to pay for him to be stabilized, but she had been laid off this last year and didn’t have the funds for repairing the multiple orthopedic injuries that Roo had.  His left hip had been luxated and left shin bone (tibia) fractured.  His right hind paw also had a significant wound and a toe fracture.  Roo’s pet mom had found a board-certified surgeon to do all of the repairs at SAGE Veterinary Centers Redwood City, and SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to help fund the surgery.  Roo is at home learning to walk around – thank goodness he weighs less than 8 pounds so can be held a lot by his family!