Rudy got into a fight with the neighbor’s dog, and being a Chihuahua, he lost!  He suffered significant wounds to his back leg and his hip had been luxated.  The team at East Hills Veterinary Hospital had to address Rudy’s wounds first before he could have surgery on his hip.  After close to a month in wound care and bandage changes, the wounds healed, but unfortunately, Rudy had irreversible nerve damage to that leg and would not be able to use it.  At that point, the best option for Rudy was to have his back leg amputated – which most dogs can do very well with.  Rudy’s pet parents had run out of funds for the surgery, so SAGE Compassion for Animals was able to help.  Rudy’s surgery went well – and he was also neutered!  Neutering male dogs can help tamp down intradog (between dog) aggression, so hopefully, Rudy will stay away from the neighborhood bully in the future!