Shamuka unfortunately suffered a common condition of a number of our feline grant recipients – he became obstructed and couldn’t urinate.  His kidney values had started to elevate and he needed to be unblocked and treated with IV fluids to reverse these changes.  Dr. LeFevre at VCA Animal Care Clinic and Shamuka’s mom reached out to SAGE Compassion for Animals and we were able to offer financial support Shamuka’s for life saving treatment.  Shamuka is home now on a special diet and the grandchildren are happy to have him back!  This isn’t Shamuka’s first ordeal – he was found with 2 other kittens after his mom abandoned them!  Due to the pandemic, no rescue groups were available, so Shamuka’s new mom had to bottle feed the litter and now they are part of the family!  More on Shamuka’s recovery in the future!