Shordie was found with her brothers and sister when she was a small kitten and all were taken in and cared for by Shordie’s new mom!  Ever since taking her in, Shordie’s mom noted that she would spit up food and cough.  She was diagnosed by Dr. Gadd at East Bay SPCA with a congenital megaesophagus – meaning, Shordie was born with her esophagus being unable to push food into her stomach.  Shordie’s mom was very willing to put in the effort to feed Shordie a special diet and to make sure she ate standing up to allow gravity to help.  Shordie needed to be spayed however, and this condition put her at greater risk under anesthesia.  Dr. Gadd was willing to perform the surgery, but Shordie’s mom needed some help financially.  SAGEC4A was able to fund the spay as part of our mission to support population control and to prevent illness in companion animals.  Shordie came through the surgery and is now recovering at home!