Skippy had been straining to urinate for a few days, but when he became lethargic, his pet mom was really worried and took him right away to the emergency clinic.  They diagnosed him as being “blocked” and bloodwork showed that his kidney values were “off the chart” – Skippy was unblocked under anesthesia and started on fluids overnight.  Skippy’s kidney values returned to normal, but Skippy was only 1-year-old, so there was concern that this could happen again and his pet mom didn’t have the funds for repeated visits to the emergency clinic.  The Humane Society of Sonoma County was able to perform a perineal urethrostomy (“PU” = surgery to make the tube from the bladder larger) on Skippy with funding from SAGE Compassion for Animals.  Skippy will still need to have his diet adjusted and make sure that he drinks plenty of water, but with the surgery, the life-threatening blockage can be averted!